Here we go again….the 4th time south

Amazing iceberg near Davis Station in 2005

Many of you will know that I am about to head south again.

I have been given the great privilege to be part of the 70th ANARE (Australian National Antarctic Research Expedition) at Davis Station in Eastern Antarctica for the next 12 months.

My main role will be Weather Observer in charge of the weather station at the base. I have previously been in this role for the 66th ANARE at the sub-Antarctic Macquarie Island during 2013/14. If interested you can read the blog of this adventure at Macquarie Island Adventure

The first time I went south was for a summer – October 2005 to March 2006 – also to Davis Station. My role at the time was Forecaster, mostly to support the aviation and science programs

CASA 212 on the sea ice just offshore from Davis in 2005

The second expedition I was involved with was again for a summer – October 2007 to March 2007. This time I was a forecaster at Casey Station.

Adélie penguins at Shirley Island near Casey

During that summer a Airbus A319 landed for the first time at Wilkins runway (80km from Casey).

Standing in front of the A319 Airbus after its inaugural flight from Hobart to Wilkins Runway

There will be around 100 expeditioners departing on Thursday (27th October) on Voyage 1 aboard the Aurora Australis. The journey will take approximately 2 weeks and we will cross some of the most wild and inhospitable seas of the Southern Ocean.

Aboard the Aurora Australis crossing the wild Southern Ocean in 2007
The Aurora Australis in the fast ice around 1.5km off Davis in 2005

I hope that you can enjoy my adventure through following this blog. Please send me an email or message if you have any questions or comments.

Cheers for now

Barend (Barry) Becker

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