December 2016


Every week, a couple of expeditioners go out on the Sea Ice to drill pre-determined sites, measuring the ice thickness and snow cover. This data is all part of a ongoing project. Also it indicates the suitability of what vehicles are able to travel safely on the Sea Ice.


In early December the winter crew went out on a quad bike training session. We went out on the Sea Ice on the prescribed track (GPS way points). We then travelled into Weddell  Arm ending up in Shirokaya Bay. We stopped at Brookes Hut for lunch. The following are of that trip – including three different views of Brookes. Also a Weddell seal and some amazing lenticular cloud over a small iceberg.


On a Saturday night we had a “Dress Up” party. The theme was to come dressed as the first letter of your name. There were some imaginative costumes.


Rachel and I went for a walk one day around Heidemann Bay and onto the Old Wallow and Lookout. On the way we encountered a lone adélie penguin and an unusual green (familiar) boulder. At the wallow we found parts of a seal embedded in the mounds of fur and seal manure. The view from the Lookout across to the Ice Plateau is stunning.


In mid-December the winter crew carried out some more training. This time we flew out to Brookes Hut, then slept outside in our bivvy bags. The next day we walked back to Davis Station (~11km) practicing our navigation skills.


Christmas at Davis Station.


Scenes and views from around Davis Station.


Most of the Summer (2016/17) crew at Davis Station.